The school was started on 27th August of 2008. In the beginning stages itself  with the grace of God Almighty we had 20 Kids .

Thereafter our school began to grow now we have About 45 kids overall in our school

In Academic year 2014-2015, we registered a trust by the name of “Amazing Grace Educational Trust” Presently Amazing Kids Play School is run by the Trust.

Our Curriculam:

*The syllabus we teach  is designed in such a way that offers exciting and challenging activities that will help children develop their sense of self. It is  designed to introduce developmentally appropriate learning experiences through fun, hands on, creative activities. Concepts introduced in the preschool curriculum are to prepare our children to enter kindergarten academically, emotionally, and socially.

*We incorporate several theories of learning and development which shape our program structure and teaching methodologies. We offer children a variety of experiences and activities designed to give them opportunities for self-discovery, exploration, and the freedom to learn and create within a safe environment, We believe that children learn best through a child centered curriculum that encourages and addresses all areas of development. Our teaching skills are associated with play .we have a colorful environment ,and a vast play area, our kids enjoy playing in our play area , we do lots of concept related activities and do more worksheets every week and deliver it to the parents on every Friday of the week..

*We have a well equipped library with more than 700 kids oriented books, Every Friday we give a story book to the house of senior and Super Senior kids for them to enjoy and learn by seeing the pictures .

*We have a colorful Swimming pool in our campus the basic idea of making the kids play in water is not to teach them Swimming But to get rid of the water fear out of them, so that it would enable them to learn swimming in the future quickly without  HydroPhobia .

*We have a Puppet Theatre in our school to tell Stories to our Kids more effectively, we have a Kids Computer lab in which we have Kids laptop for our Kids to learn practically through games .

*In order to inculcate the importance of nutritious food , we have given a nutrition chart to our parents to follow, in sending nutritious Snacks for our Kids Our curriculum is to foster Positive relationships with other Children , family, Teachers and rest of the community.

* The whole academic day by day activities photos & videos were taken and uploaded in Facebook and whatsapp. Every month we conducted parents teachers meeting in which we discussed about kid’s growth physically and academically.

Every month we also conducted Review session.

* We have a well equipped Audio Visual Theatre with Projectors and Sound System , to make the teaching more effective  through  a mega screen of size 8 x 6, Our Children Enjoy and Learn seeing Rhymes, videos, stories, photos, etc., from the net and youtube in our Theatre .we also have 12 cctv cameras for students security.

*This coming Academic year we are totally changing our Syllabus including  more innovative and creative methods and means to enhance our kids talents and intelligence. We are also planning to conduct Special Training Programmes for our parents to train and teach them on enrichment of our kids.

*We view the child as a whole, and we plan enrichment activities that will facilitate a child’s physical, social, creative, emotional and intellectual growth; we strive to help them experience success in whatever they attempt. The center promotes an eco-friendly and sustainable way of life. We integrate these values in many facets of our program throughout.

We integrate the warmth of a nurturing environment with a curriculum that achieves academic readiness , social and emotional development in a fun and innovative way. Children love to learn; they are naturally alive with curiosity and wonder. We seek to encourage this natural love of learning by creating a safe and enriching environment.


As Psalms 127:3 says “Children are a gift from the Lord; they are a reward from him.” With this in mind we treat Kids as a Precious gift from God. Our Amazing Kids Play School uses the links to literacy curriculum to nurture the essential elements of Life Long Learning .  I wish to acknowledge that we owe a debt of gratitude to God Almighty who made it possible, we consider your kids as a priceless treasures handed over to our care, we promise to groom your kids as our kids , We work closely with parents and the resources in the community to enrich the  educational experiences of the children. What You Shall Sow Shall You Reap Yes We Have sown the seeds of Intelligence ,so that our dear Parents shall reap the Fruits of Success .I appeal to all the parents and well wishers to extend your valuable support to the fullest .Kindly let us know your thoughts and advise to serve you better and to mould our kids in the best possible way.

Thank you .